Honesty and integrity are core values of my business. I’ve experienced 3 different sides of the lending business since 2002. Wholesale, correspondent, and retail. I’ve also served in the US military. Being able to place myself in the “shoes” of the homeowner(s), in order to create custom solutions that match their objectives and qualifications, is my way of caring. Solutions that I would consider myself. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be Fair, Honest, and Real.

I know I’d be looking for the best way to maximize savings, at the lowest cost, with the lowest rate on my own loan, but only with the right lender transparency. My mission, as a Mortgage Lending Officer for Home Point Financial, is to bring back the service we all miss, helping you achieve your dreams of home ownership, with a team that cares. We look forward to showing you World Class Service blended with Technology, tempered with Product, Price, Speed, and Execution!